Thursday, June 3, 2010

What if Stoya never emails me? Well, buy her stuff...

Alright peeps, I've decided that, in a piquish bit of dickery, I may not let you know if I can actually get Stoya to email me (although, I have it on good information that A) she knows, and B) has an awesome sense of humor and is taking this in stride! So, thanks for being a good sport!).

The reason I will not divulge this information is two-fold.

 This post has rambled on with enough words, and no pics...have some Stoya.
Image (c) Fetish by Anna

First, by extension of logic: If my endeavor succeeds, then this tactic is potentially inconsiderate...I mean, if she took time to answer lil' ole Shadow, and then everyone bombarded her for requests, and she (or her agent/representatives, etc) were compelled to answer them, the poor woman would never get a moment's rest, much less have time for her many endeavors. And, we all want Stoya to have her beauty rest, right?

Second (and not like I need one) but I really just want an excuse to gawk at/post pictures of the loveliest woman this side of my long-suffering girlie.

I am bound by my own internal dictates of conscience to break up these paragraphs with images that make you pitch a pup tent.

So, what are we --the Stoya fans-- to do, until such time as she emails me? How about support her? That's right. Do you think makeup, shoes, latex, hair dye, gym membership, proper nutrition, sex toys,  and awesome lingerie are cheap? I can attest that they certainly are not...having had to bribe many-a-lady to have sex with me with these expensive baubles.

So, go buy her shit. For instance, if this doesn't make you hot, then you are officially dead. Stoya Sexy Hot, 

Dear lord...

For fuck's sake, it's Stoya and Sasha Grey. What else do you need? At over two hours long, and a ridonkulously cheap $25 bucks at CD Universe., I can think of nothing better for your loved one's stocking.

Until tomorrow -Shadow.


  1. Haha so this is your other blog? and you expect us to take that Gothlaw blog seriously? I just finished commenting on your rant about Dayna Martin but honestly with this consuming your time, I can see that you don't have time to research your rants or make valid points. Have a fabulous life sir, I wish you much happiness and maybe one day you'll learn...

  2. Don't know how I missed this one:

    1. I don't expect anyone to take anything seriously, least of all my opinions/feelings. Read the fucking header or the first post of the main blog "This is my therapy", i.e., personal opinions and analyses that make ME happy. If people come along for the ride, then the more, the merrier.

    2. Married closely with Point 1: Unschooling is and remains a ridiculous concept plucked right out of your hippie ass. So, no, I do not owe you "valid points". Look at the intellectual acumen and achievement of the kids she displays to make her point. It's child abuse and neglect, pure and simple; spawned straight from a weak-willed hedonist and passed on to children who deserve better.

    3. If you want someone to make you feel better about shitty life choices I suggest A) a support group or B) taking your butthurt to those who "think" like you (e.g., other enablers of shitty parenting).

    4. This site is, was, and remains a joke; the subject of which took it as the joke it was meant to be.